Daily Thoughts : November 10th


Deut 4:29 But if from there you seek the LORD your God, you will find him if you look for him with all your heart and with all your soul.


Sometimes people seem to think they can be so casual about the Christian faith, take it or leave it. It's not like that; it is for seekers, whole-hearted seekers. You won't find God and you won't experience the kingdom unless you are a whole hearted seeker.


Yes, when we came to Christ our knowledge of Him and perhaps even our desires, we thought, were limited. But then the Holy Spirit convicted us and suddenly nothing was more important than getting our lives put right with God. Does that change after we become Christians? Will we know God by just being casual? Many people seem to think so, but perhaps if we ask what sort of experience so many Christians have, we may see a very different picture.


If we are just casual and breeze from day to day with little thought for the Lord, then our experience of the Lord, Christian or not, will be very limited. Listen to those people who have a strong testimony of their experience of the Lord. These are the people who are all out for God. They read their Bible, they pray, they attend church at any and every opportunity, they grab opportunities to witness and they look forward to worship. These people have testimonies. These are the ones you hear saying, “The Lord said to me…” or “The Lord did this for me.” They have this testimony because they were wholehearted in seeking Him.




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