Daily Thoughts : May 6th


Nah 1:7 The LORD is good, a refuge in times of trouble. He cares for those who trust in him


This is a pastoral verse, a very reassuring verse. It says some basic, simple and crucial things. For instance, its starting point we may take for granted but is critical to the understanding of every man or woman on this planet: The Lord IS GOOD. Think what we mean about something or someone being good and that is how God is – always! Everything about Him and everything He thinks, says or does is good! We may not always understand what He is doing, but ultimately we have to see whatever He does as good and that isn't twisting the meaning of the word in some obscure way!


But then it tells us that He is a refuge in times of trouble. That acknowledges that this is no longer the perfect world that God made but a sin-filled world that goes wrong and has sinful people in it doing wrong who cause difficult times, which may be seen as ‘times of trouble'. From those circumstances or people, the Lord will be a refuge or place or shelter or protection for us.


But then look what the psalmist finishes with: He cares for those who trust in him. God cares for people. He isn't so great that He is detached from this world. But when He says He cares for us, it doesn't just mean that He feels for us, but that He does things to care for us.

Now please note that He can only do it for those who trust in Him. He can't care for us in this practical way if we won't let Him. We have to trust our lives into His hands, to let Him move, for it to be able to happen. This refers to people whose minds are set on the Lord, people who put the Lord at the front of their lives, people who spend time in His presence seeking His will for their lives, and then doing what He says. This is what it means to take refuge in Him. Do it and then know His protection.


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