Daily Thoughts : May 4th


Mic 4:1    In the last days the mountain of the LORD 's temple will be established as chief among the mountains; it will be raised above the hills, and peoples will stream to it.


There are similar thoughts here to that found in one of our recent verses. It is a verse of encouragement for those of us who look around at the godlessness of much of the world or of the growth of cults or other world religions and wonder what hope there is for The Truth.

Whether it be an ideology such as Communism or Fascism or simply a way of thinking such as materialism or humanism or naturalism, there is little doubt that ‘isms' are still strong if not stronger today than in some times in the past. When we view this barren landscape we might wonder where the Lord is. These ‘other mountains', ways of human self-centred and godless thinking, rear up and appear to dominate.


Well, that may be true, says this verse, but in the last days that is going to change! The place of God's dwelling will stand out above all others. Naturally when we think of the mountain of the Lord's temple, we usually consider Mount Zion, Jerusalem, but the truth is that the Church is the temple or dwelling place of the Lord today.


The fact is that across the world the number of those professing to be Christians exceeds any other 'world religion'  but, nevertheless, is this, therefore, a simple shorthand way of saying that revival will come in such magnitude that God will give mankind around the world one last opportunity to respond to the Gospel, and as many do, the Church will outshine all these isms even more than it does worldwide now? May it be so!


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