Daily Thoughts : May 27th



1 Sam 7:9   Then Samuel ….. cried out to the LORD on Israel 's behalf, and the LORD answered him.


Perhaps we take for granted the fact that Samuel cried out on behalf of the people of Israel. Do we cry out to the Lord on behalf of others, or are our concerns all self-centred? To ‘cry out' indicates emotion, being moved by concern. Samuel was concerned for Israel, concerned that their enemy was coming against them and they were afraid. They needed encouraging but even more they needed the Lord to come and act on their behalf.


Do you see others near you in distress, perhaps loved ones being attacked and led astray by the enemy? Have you come to see that the Lord is our Deliverer and that He is the only one who can truly change their circumstances? Some times the circumstances have to get worse and worse before we realise that indeed He alone has the answers we need, He alone can bring change.


How often it seems that the children of God struggle on and on without uttering a word to Him to come to help. Our loving heavenly Father delights in coming and helping His children. Why does it take us so long to ask for help?


Can I be more outward looking? Will I pray for my family, my friends, those at work or school or college? Will I be part of the process that brings change to them because when I prayed, the Lord answered?


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