Daily Thoughts : May 15th


Heb 4:13    Nothing in all creation is hidden from God's sight. Everything is uncovered and laid bare before the eyes of him to whom we must give account.


Wow! Scary! Or at least it would be if we didn't know that we were utterly loved by God! That's the truth behind this verse isn't it! God sees absolutely everything and He holds every person accountable for what He sees. He doesn't only see their actions (which are sometimes very bad), He doesn't only hear their words (which are sometimes cutting), He actually sees our thoughts; He knows what goes on in our minds!

But then this is where it gets worse. He's not like many people who say today, “It doesn't matter what you believe or do. Each person has to decide for themselves what is right.” Oh yes, He knows how He's designed us to ‘work'.  He knows the potential for good that He's put in each and every one of us, and He expects that from us, so when we go in the completely opposite direction, He is quite clear about it – that is wrong! And He wants to know why we've gone that way.


He knows that when we go in that opposite direction we're going to harm ourselves or harm others, because it is contrary to the way we've been designed. But more than that, He loves His world and if He sees us harming one another, He's going to step in and stop us at some point. This would all be very scary if it wasn't for Jesus. If Jesus hadn't come and taken our punishment on the Cross, we would be constantly fearing confrontations with God. Now He corrects us as a loving Father and that, although it may not always feel it, is good news!

How to ensure this verse is not a source of ongoing fear? Do what the apostle Paul tauight the Corinthian church to do before communion - judge yourself. On a daily basis keep short accounts, ask the Lord to remind you of the past day and show you where you got it wrong so that you may acknowledge it, confess it and say sorry. Risk it, He loves you and is for you! He sees, He knows, so don't try to hide it.



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