Daily Thoughts : June 7th


Isa 44:24,28  "I am the LORD… who says of Cyrus, `He is my shepherd and will accomplish all that I please."


Liberal theologians have a problem with this verse. This can't be Isaiah, they say, is must be someone writing hundreds of years later about Cyrus (see Ezra 1) sending the exiles back to Jerusalem to rebuild the Temple. They say that because they don't believe in a God who not only knows His future plans, but who also speaks them to His people! But He does, and He does!


How incredible that God could move a pagan king to bring about the restoration of His people. How did He do it? “The LORD moved the heart of Cyrus king of Persia.” (Ez 1:1) Did He prompt someone to find the Isaiah scroll and show it to this king? Did he speak into the mind of the king, “This is you!”?  Did He nudge the king's pride to achieve this incredible thing?


This is God who interacts with people and nudges and guides history. How has God nudged and guided me in my life? I'll only really know when I get to heaven and if He allows me to look back – but I'm sure His hand has been there quietly in the background bringing me to this point of time. How much am I aware of the Lord who stands in the shadows and quietly speaks to guide, both me and people around me? This is the picture the Bible conveys of our God – all powerful, and all knowing, but quietly working in the background to fulfil His purposes.


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