Daily Thoughts : June 4th


Ezek 37:3   "He asked me, “Son of man, can these bones live?” I said, “O Sovereign Lord, you alone know


It is as well not to try and be smart with the Lord. He knows everything – and we don't. Some of us get a bit knowing with His will but Ezekiel knew better. The Lord knows the future, the Lord knows what is possible. We may think we know but time shows that we are sometimes wrong – but He never is.


Ezekiel's humility is an example to follow. Humility is helped by having a right perspective of myself before the Lord. It knows what I don't know and it knows that He does know. It knows what I can't do, and it knows what He can do.


Ezekiel's question and answer session suggests that the answer is not a foregone conclusion. Can these bones live? Well of course with God all things are possible, but He never forces our will, and as these bones represent Israel, only the Lord knows how they will respond to His prompting. Will they live? The Lord knows, and that's the important thing. Does He want me involved? That's another issue.


I look to the days ahead, and I wonder, can these bones live? Will He bring more ongoing life to these bones that are me? Thus far has He energised me and took me when I was a sinner and brought me eternal life, His own Spirit in me. Yes, He will surely complete the work. Hallelujah!


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