Daily Thoughts : June 30th


Dan 4:3b  His kingdom is an eternal kingdom; his dominion endures from generation to generation.


We spoke yesterday about testifying to God's greatness and then having to live according to what you have spoken. Well today's verse is about a testimony which was given after having had dealings with God. These words come from the great king Nebuchadnezzar who had been one of the world's greatest and most powerful rulers. Unfortunately for him he thought this made him great and he gloried in his own greatness, when God then took away his sanity. It was only some time later when the Lord restored his sanity that this king realised who it was who really had the power. This king now glorified God. He, Nebuchadnezzar, might have had a great kingdom but it was nothing in comparison to the kingdom of God!


Human kingdoms are measured by their geographical greatness and their domination over other kingdoms, and their wealth. God's kingdom is simply His rule over all things for all time and indeed for ever and ever. Human kingdoms come and go, but God's kingdom is eternal because He is eternal and His power and greatness cannot be challenged. We need to realise that whatever is happening in the world around us, God is ruling in the midst of it all, bringing about His will. This never stops happening! It happened in the time of my grandfather and it will still be happening in the time when my grandchildren are old. Really take hold of this, and worship Him.



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