Daily Thoughts : June 25th


Jer 50:20   In those days, at that time," declares the LORD , "search will be made for Israel 's guilt, but there will be none, and for the sins of Judah, but none will be found, for I will forgive the remnant I spare


This is a verse of great encouragement, for the danger in the Old Testament is that we focus on the bulk of Israel who went off the tracks and on God's strong dealing with them. We can thus focus simply on judgement which is an unbalanced focus. There is a word in this verse which is a clue for hope – 'remnant'. Always in Israel there were a faithful remnant. There were always some who remained faithful to the Lord while the rest were turning away.


Now it is in respect of this remnant that most of this verse applies. Those who are like the ones I warned about earlier, focusing on God's judgement, will look on all Israel and decree guilt – but this remnant are not guilty! This remnant have remained true and they become the future Israel. This remnant will be spared – and that is the greatest encouragement here. We may be tempted to think, “So what's the point in remaining holy? This nation is ungodly and is receiving God's judgement, so I'll be judged as well!” No you won't; that's the point! God distinguishes between guilty and not-guilty. Where there is guilt, God doesn't just wipe away everyone. He separates out and saves His holy ones, the faithful remnant. Others may reject God but you must remain faithful. They may get swept away but you won't! That is the truth!



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