Daily Thoughts : June 20th


Num 31:24    On the seventh day wash your clothes and you will be clean. Then you may come into the camp.


Here's a piece of Scripture you may have not heard preached! It is very simple and straight forward, and practical but with significant meaning behind it. It was part of the instruction given to soldiers who had gone to battle for Israel (v.21), and when they came back, before they could enter the camp, everything that could withstand fire should be purified by burning and everything else purified by washing in water. Specifically anyone who had been involved with killing someone else, had to remain outside the camp and purify themselves by washing on the 3rd and 7th days (v.19). There was a recognition that anyone who had been involved in the necessary but violent act of war, needed to purify themselves from it before they entered the congregation of God's people where God dwelt.


There is behind this a recognition that in a Fallen World, we sometimes have to choose the lesser of two evils (which wouldn't be there in a sinless, perfect world). Although they may be necessary they are still things that offend the holiness of God and therefore there has to be a mental and spiritual washing before coming close to Him.


There is also a reminder here, that God is Holy and pure and we can only approach Him through the work of Christ on the Cross. Jesus reminded us we need regular washing (Jn 13:2-10). Let's not be casual with God today!



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