Daily Thoughts : June 14th


Songs 3:5b   Do not arouse or awaken love until it so desires.


This little exhortation comes up more than once in the Song of Solomon. That ‘book' is all about love, much of it about physical expressions of love. It says something here that is both simple and profound. It reminds us what various books and plays have said throughout history, that love is often something that happens or grows. We speak about “falling in love”. In other words the person suddenly realises that they are in love with another. One day there is apparently nothing; the next there is the awareness of this strong emotion.


What this verse tells us is that you can't force it, you can't make someone love. For someone to love another, they have to see something special in them. Tragically in the West today love is more equated with sex than it is with that strong committed emotion that has been known throughout history as ‘love'. Now as these meditations are about spiritual life, and this verse comes from the Bible, we may suppose it can teach us spiritual things. The first obvious thing is that you cannot make a loved one love God. All you can do is set a good example (1 Pet 3:1) and pray for them – and wait! A number of Christian women especially need to hear this message – stop trying so hard! Do you part, and let God do His! Youth leader – do you part and let God do His with your young people. But please note – we do have a part to play AND to be patient.



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