Daily Thoughts : June 10th


Matt 26:35  But Peter declared, "Even if I have to die with you, I will never disown you."


Poor Peter, poor us! He was prompted by the circumstances to make an unwise declaration. He really didn't know himself. Sometimes in the heat of an emotional service we may be prompted to make a similar unwise declaration. “Oh Lord, of course I'll go anywhere for you and do anything for you.” and the next day the Holy Spirit reminds us of someone who we have refused to forgive or someone you have refused to be reconciled to. The reality of daily living is so often different from our aspirations in an emotionally charged meeting.


What was missing from Peter and from us? It was the awareness that we can only do anything by the grace of God. Perhaps it should have been, “Lord, my intent is good, but I know that if you want me to, you'll have to give me your grace to be able to die with you and never to disown you.” But he didn't say that and so he had to go through his three-times disowning session to realise this truth. Tradition has it that Peter did die on a cross for his master and so, yes, he did learn to receive God's grace to face anything.


Lord, dare I ask that you teach me to receive your grace that will help me cope with anything that comes my way, your grace that will enable me to step out in faith more than I do today. Of myself I am weak. Let your grace make me strong and may my life glorify you.



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