Daily Thoughts : July 6th


Acts 10:2   He and all his family were devout and God-fearing; he gave generously to those in need and prayed to God regularly.


What a lovely description of Cornelius we find here. Here is a Roman who has a heart for God. He doesn't yet know the Lord through Jesus, but he still has a heart for God. If this man can have this description, how much more should we who are born again and part of God's family.


He and his family! This is a man who leads his family well. They are devout, i.e. they are God focused. They are God fearing, i.e. they have a healthy respect for God. This whole family are an example to many Christian families. Can we say our family is devout and God-fearing? But there is more. He is generous and gives to the needy. He is aware of the needs of others around him and he is not tight fisted, but gives generously as he sees the need. What an example! But there's yet more! He prays to God regularly! I really think this man puts many Christians to shame!


Be honest, check it out. Have you led your family in such a way that they could be described as devout and God-fearing? Are you aware of the needy round about you? Do you seek to reach out to them, giving generously as you see needs that you could meet? Is your life characterised by prayer? This man has a practical spirituality which blesses God and blesses the world around him. Do we?



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