Daily Thoughts : July 31st


John 9:3    "Neither this man nor his parents sinned," said Jesus, "but this happened so that the work of God might be displayed in his life.”


This is one of my favourite passages of Scripture. The disciples have noted this man, blind from birth, and they ask Jesus what caused his blindness. Was it that he sinned or his parents sinned? They are on a blame trip! More than that, they ask these things in front of the man! How demeaning! Jesus' response is highly instructive. It sums up his whole approach to life and what he's come to do.


Basically what he's said is, “Look, don't worry about why he's like this; let's just be concerned to help him.” I have observed that quite often, people get upset about injustices or needs in the world, or debate the issues of what is wrong – and don't do anything about remedying the issues! When you come across a need, ask, what can I do to help here, Lord?


When we come across people in need, instead of getting into a blame mentality, can we ask the Lord what he would like us to do to help? Jesus had the power to bring change and that was what he was most concerned to do. He hasn't come to blame you, but to help you. He hasn't come to blame your family, friends or workmates, but to help them - and perhaps through you, but first he needs us to change our outlook from apportioning blame to having compassion and then he can do things!




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