Daily Thoughts : July 30th


Eph 5:21  Submit to one another out of reverence for Christ.


Yesterday, we were warned about pride, but that was in the context of the world. This is in the context of the church. These are Paul's words to Christians, but essentially it is the same warning: beware of pride. When Paul tells us to submit to one another, he is telling us to listen to one another, take note of one another, and don't just do our own thing. This is God's safety check for us. If we don't have this attitude and we don't do this, then we can find ourselves filled with pride and vulnerable to all that follows, and you don't want that!


This is a crucial verse and the way we respond to it and live it or not reveals a great deal about us. The fact is that if we don't respond to it and do it, we will make ourselves vulnerable as we will allow ourselves to step out and say and do many foolish things which can be the means of our downfall. To keep us from that, Paul wants us to exercise this safety check and avoid that folly.


But another reason is given for doing it: reverence for Christ. It is the attitude Christ holds towards his Father and if we are to become Christ-like it is what we are to imitate. We are to ensure there is an accountability in our lives, so that we are open to others around us and not just pushing our way. Be honest; do you submit to your partner, to friends, to church leaders? Do you allow them input into your life? Do you listen to them and heed them?  




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