Daily Thoughts : July 27th


Rev 7:10    And they cried out in a loud voice: "Salvation belongs to our God, who sits on the throne, and to the Lamb."


This is one of the several pictures of the throne room in heaven revealed in the book of Revelation. We are not told anything about the throne room, just the people or creatures there. In this glimpse we are shown a great multitude of people, so big it couldn't be counted, standing before the throne, clearly the redeemed people of God, and they make this great proclamation.


It is, if you like, the great summary of God's activity on the earth: salvation for people of the earth. This great multitude is there in heaven before the throne, because God has brought about a means of salvation that means that these sinners from the earth, can stand in heaven before Almighty, Holy God, and not be destroyed. This is the great wonder; that is the great outcome of the work of God.


And how did it come about? By the work of the Lamb of God, Jesus! As with the Passover judgement (Ex 12), judgement was escaped in every home where there was the death of a lamb. Thus Jesus came as our Lamb, dying in our place, and as a result we have been redeemed, we have been saved. If this was a future picture that John saw, then you and I will be part of that great multitude, together with any person of whatever colour or nationality, who will respond to the ‘Good News' of the Lamb.




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