Daily Thoughts : July 21st


Exo 4:2   Then the LORD said to him, "What is that in your hand?" "A staff," he replied.   


Moses is being prepared by God to go and face Pharaoh and the world with a demand for Pharaoh to comply with God's will and let His people go. For Moses this was like us being told to confront the Queen of England or the President of the United States, except Pharaoh was far nastier! Moses, fairly naturally has been coming up with a series of questions for God which are designed to let him off the hook for this job, but God hasn't finished with him.


When God asks questions He always knows the answers; the questions are for our benefit, so when He asks Moses what he is holding, He wants Moses to become freshly aware of the staff he is holding, the ‘tool of his trade'. Essentially, what is going to happen is that God is going to supernaturally transform it so that Moses, his people, and Pharaoh will know that God is on their case.


The first thing God is going to do is ask Moses to throw his staff on the ground, i.e. let it go. When Moses let's go the tool of his trade, God will transform it – and people will see and know. Do you feel your job, your career, your life is in need of renewal? Give it to God and let Him transform it. Do people see your job, your career and your life, and know that God is in it? Give it to God and let Him transform it. We can speak words of testimony but sometimes we need to let the power of God loose in our lives. Yes?




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