Daily Thoughts : July 18th


Jn 6:70   Jesus replied, "Have I not chosen you, the Twelve? Yet one of you is a devil!"


Jesus shares with his disciples. He shares an amazing reality in these few words. First of all it is like he is saying, “Guys, I want you to remember you are here today because I chose you, I called you to follow me. That may seem a while back now and we have done and will do a lot together, but I want you to remember all that and remember, at the end, that in all of it I have been in control. That is important to remember, so don't forget it. So I chose each one of you. I didn't make any mistakes. I knew who I was choosing. I knew what you were all like and I knew what you were all capable of. Please do remember that, for the truth within that is that I know one of you is given over to the enemy, and that wasn't a mistake; it's simply part of my Father's plan, to achieve what has to be achieved.”


Isn't that amazing? Jesus chose us, knowing what we were like, knowing our faults and our foibles. Jesus chose us, knowing what we would be like, what we would be able to do in the days to come. He knew the good things He could do with us, the ways He could change us and the good things He could lead us to do. He also knew the failures of which we were capable – but He still chose us! He will still factor our failures into the equation and bring good out of it. Don't let the failure neutralise you like Judas did, but let Jesus bring you through it, like he did with Peter.



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