Daily Thoughts : January 5th


Deut 20:5   The officers shall say to the army: "Has anyone built a new house and not dedicated it? Let him go home, or he may die in battle and someone else may dedicate it.


We have a lovely little example of God's thoughtfulness here as seen in the Law. It's really all about establishing your home and being single minded. Various people were excused from ‘call-up' and the man who has just built a house for the family is one such person. What a satisfying thing to do, building your own home for your family. In Israel when you did that you offered it back to the Lord for His blessing (what a good example!), i.e. you dedicated it to the Lord for His use through your family.

Once you have done that there is a compact (union) between you and the Lord and He will be there to bless your home with all the blessings found in the Law as you submitted to Him. However, if you hadn't had time to do that because you were called up, there was something missing and if you didn't return someone else might take it. If they knew you had dedicated it, they knew they would have to contend with the Lord and they would be less likely to try to take it.


There is also the matter of single-mindedness. The army would only want those in it who could be single minded about going out to fight for their country. If a man had his mind on his newly built house back at home, wishing he had had time to dedicate it, then he would be better back at home doing that rather than going to war. A very compassionate piece of wisdom! Are we able to be single minded in our serving the Lord?




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