Daily Thoughts : January 29th


Isa 62:2    The nations will see your righteousness, and all kings your glory; you will be called by a new name that the mouth of the LORD will bestow.


The trouble with Old Testament prophecy (if we can put it like this) is that very often God spoke absolute truth but did not explain exactly what He had in mind. Thus even as far back as Isaiah, prophetic words from heaven spoke into the future revealing God's plans for His future people, yet the true import of what He said remained unclear.


Thus Israel might have heard this word and thought, “Oh good, we have a future. God is going to do something with us and make us righteous and we will be famous.” However the reality on God's heart, as revealed in the future at Calvary, was that He was speaking to His people – not just a particular nation, but those who actually responded to Him. Those who were disobedient always came under judgement, but those who responded to Him and obeyed Him received the blessing from heaven.


So when He speaks about their future, He speaks about the future of His people. There will come a time when the people of God will be called by a new name, not Israel but Christian. It's not about cultural identity, it's about being a righteous people. God has always been concerned to create a righteous people, a people who will follow His design for mankind, who will respond to Him and live as He says. As the whole of the Old Testament shows, being a part of a nation was not enough. Obedience was required.



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