Daily Thoughts : January 19th


Psa 33:3    Sing to him a new song; play skillfully, and shout for joy.


I suspect that when we see references in the psalms to singing a new song, we mostly pass over it without much thought, yet it is very significant. If you are a song writer, when do you write a new song? I suggest it is when something has happened that has blessed you and your spirit rises within you and you suddenly feel creative. Or it may be when you have had fresh revelation and suddenly you feel, “Wow, I see it!” Everything within you rises and that creative urge within you flows forth and a new song comes into you mind.


A new song is a sign of new life, new revelation, new insight, new blessing. It is a sign of life flowing forth. I suspect that in times when the Lord seems quiet and little seems to be happening, there are rarely new songs.


Of course in worship, when the Spirit is flowing there can also be a flow of a new song. That of course requires us to be open to that possibility. I have known it in the past but not often, times when suddenly in the flow of Spirit worship there seems a new flow of music and words from within and something of heaven is communicated in a new song – a very beautiful experience. of course all this talk of a new song is very challenging, this talk of the flow of creative life or the flow of the Spirit. It's not something we can turn on or make happen – but we can be open to the Lord for Him to come like this. Are we?



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