Daily Thoughts : January 13th


1 Kings 11:30    Ahijah took hold of the new cloak he was wearing and tore it into twelve pieces.


This was Ahijah the prophet who met Jeroboam on the road out of Jerusalem. Now the Lord had been displeased with Solomon and so He put it on Ahijah's heart to convey this to Jeroboam. Now I don't know if the Lord had instructed Ahijah to wear a new cloak. When we have something new we take care of it. The last thing on earth we do is start ripping it to pieces. Perhaps this was to signify to Jeroboam the importance of the message. Perhaps he might have gone away thinking, “Wow! He even tore up his new cloak to make the point! He must think it is important!” Perhaps because it was new it would have stayed in Jeroboam's mind more surely.


It is indeed a sign of the importance of what he has to convey that Ahijah was willing to tear up a new cloak. In those days new clothes didn't come as easy as they do to us today. This cost him! But when you are a prophet and God speaks, you do what He says. It doesn't matter that it's a new cloak. If that is what God wants to happen, that is what we will do! If God wants this cloak torn to pieces, then He no doubt will provide me with another one.


The point of the twelve pieces was that Jeroboam was to receive ten pieces, to signify that he was to eventually lead ten of the twelve tribes of Israel. Only two would be left to Rehoboam. This is a very significant prophecy and thus it is conveyed very graphically.




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