Daily Thoughts : January 1st




Ex 1:8 Then a new king, who did not know about Joseph, came to power in Egypt .


As we go into the New Year, this month we're going to alternate between Old & New Testaments, using verses with references to something ‘new'. We go into the New Year often with an anticipation of a new start but new isn't always necessarily good.


For the Israelites living in Egypt, a new king wasn't good news. The previous king had honoured Joseph and thus also Joseph's family. But it's a new day with a new king and he has no such feelings towards Joseph (who is now dead anyway) or his family.


Yes, sometimes the things from the past were good and we lose out when they are gone. Much loved family members die and we feel their loss. Friends move and we feel their loss. Our old work place shuts down and we feel its loss. Our health breaks down and suddenly years without illness or infirmity seem a distant memory and we feel its loss.


Life is all about moving on and sometimes, just because life is like that, we have to let go good times in the past and learn to live in the new circumstances. For Israel, although they didn't realise it, this was the Lord allowing their comfort to be removed so eventually they would gladly leave this place and move out to the place of their destiny. The loss of yesterday means we have something new to move on to. Life moves on to fulfil our destiny.




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