Daily Thoughts : February 24th


Nahum 2:6   The river gates are thrown open and the palace collapses.


Nahum is all about God's warnings to Assyria and especially their capital, Nineveh, which this verse says will be destroyed. What does history tell us about the end of Nineveh? Assyria had grown and in 705BC Nineveh was made its capital. It was a great city with great walls and with the water of rivers surrounding and protecting her. Because of this they felt invincible.

About 630BC Nahum prophesied these things. In 612 Nineveh was destroyed. How? The Medes, Persians and Scythians came against it but the walls were too great for them. After a 3 month siege heavy rains raised the river levels to such an extent that the waters broke into the city and the walls collapsed. Nineveh fell by an act of God just as He said! It wasn't the enemy armies that breached the city, it was the rain!


A number of times in recent years, in various places around the globe, there have been catastrophes because of rain. We know what a large amount of rain can do! Thus the Lord speaks against Nineveh and warns them. If they don't heed His warning He will send rain and breach their city and they will be destroyed. Within 3 years of this capital city destruction, Assyria ceased to exist. Why did God warn them beforehand? First so that they would have an opportunity to repent, like they had done with Jonah and, second, if they didn't, when the rain came they would know without any doubt that this was the hand of God bringing this about.

But there are two other things these verses say to us. First, sinful people often feel impregnable, beyond being brought down, but before God that is a foolish way of thinking. Second, there are often long periods between a prophetic word being brought and it being fulfilled. Never be impatient in your waiting; the Lord is just waiting for the right time and the right circumstances!


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