Daily Thoughts : February 15th


2 Cor 13:14    May the grace of the Lord Jesus Christ, and the love of God, and the fellowship of the Holy Spirit be with you all


This is perhaps one of the best known verses in that it is so often heard as a blessing at the end of a Service, yet what does it actually say?   First of all it refers to each member of the Trinity Son, Father and Spirit. Second it refers to a characteristic that is special or key to each of them and it is Paul's desire that we will know each of them.


It starts with the grace of Jesus. Grace is a free gift from God and is simply God's ability in us, to cope with whatever comes, and Jesus, of course, expressed that grace in coming to earth and living out his sinless life in total service to the Father. Thus Paul wants us to have this same ability to live out our lives without sin as we too are given over to serving the Father, receiving all that He has for us, His power, and His provision that comes in so many ways.

Then it refers to the love of God. Love is a primary characteristic of God. It has flowed out to us and it is what has energised the Father to send Jesus and His Spirit for us. Thus, says Paul, know this same energizing characteristic that has drawn you to the Father and which will make you a blessing to the rest of the world. Love is to be one of the primary characteristics of your life, God's love brought through the work of Jesus on the Cross and now imparted by the presence of His own Holy Spirit within us.

Finally there is the fellowship of the Holy Spirit. The Spirit is the One who knits us together with the Father and Son and the rest of the Body of Christ, the Church; that is what fellowship is, being drawn together with the Father and the Son and with other members of the Church. So, says Paul, know the knitting together with God that the Spirit brings, know the closeness and intimacy that He alone brings, know the unity that He brings within the Body. Be blessed with these each day as you reach out to the Lord, knowing the reality of them blessing your life.


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