Daily Thoughts : February 1st


Mt 13:45,46   Again, the kingdom of heaven is like a merchant looking for fine pearls. When he found one of great value, he went away and sold everything he had and bought it.


The word ‘again' reminds us to check before this verse and we see that Jesus has already been giving a number of parables about ‘the kingdom of heaven'. That was a phrase that simply meant ‘the rule of God'. How does he portray it here? He pictures a merchant who trades in fine pearls, who one day comes along and finds a pearl that is so wonderful that he feels he must sell everything that he has to get it.


This is Jesus' way of saying that knowing God's rule over your life (which we know brings order, blessing, provision and protection) is the most wonderful thing you can ever know. To be a subject of the staggeringly wonderful ruler over all existence is the most glorious thing possible, is what Jesus is teaching here. Is that how we view it? Is that how we view being a Christian or is it something much less wonderful that we have in our mind. Perhaps it is a time to rethink the wonder of being a Christian: the wonder of God's forgiveness, His justification, His adopting us as His children, opening up a most glorious relationship that will last for eternity, that involves Him caring for us, providing for us, empowering us and so much more. This salvation is 'the pearl' of Jesus' parable and it is worth anything to receive.


But notice also what the merchant did. He was a trader in pearls but sold everything to buy this one special one – which means he also gave up all the other pearls he owned. There were no competitors left. This one pearl alone remained. Everything, absolutely everything went so that he could have this one pearl. There is to be nothing left in our lives that competes with our love for Him, nothing hindering us from receiving the full package of our salvation, the pearly becomes our very life.



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