Daily Thoughts : December 31st


Lk 2:19  Mary treasured up all these things and pondered them in her heart.


As we reach the end of the month we get ready to move into a new year and all it holds. There is a future facing us with lots of unknowns. Mary reflected on all the things that had happened over this period we call Advent; she wondered about these things and wondered about the future. What was yet to come?


The thing about the future is that we can take comfort from the things that have happened in the past. Mary could reflect on the supernatural interventions that had impacted Zechariah and Elizabeth and then her and Joseph. This had been a time of impossibilities that HAD happened. Angels had come, and she had been given a son. Guidance had come from heaven. Four hundred years of silence from heaven had been broken and God had spoken and how He had spoken! He spoke in a way that set a train of events in motion that would keep going. This was only the beginning and there was much to come. Oh yes, Mary pondered these things in her heart.


As we look back over the year that has been, what has God said, what has He done? You do realise that it was only a starting point, don't you! He's going to follow through on it in the year ahead. There is more to come and it involves you and me. We're called to listen and respond to what we hear. We're called to participate in what God has in store for us. Let last year energise this next year.



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