Daily Thoughts : December 2nd



Isa 9:2,3 The people walking in darkness have seen a great light; on those living in the land of the shadow of death a light has dawned.



To save space we have not quoted all of these two verses. They are about Galilee, a land in the north of Israel which, because it was far from Jerusalem, often suffered at the hands of marauders from the north. This was indeed a land ‘living in the shadow of death'.

It was devoid of cultural and national significance for Israel, but it was the area chosen by God to be the witness to the most glorious three years of human existence, as the light from heaven came and lived in human form and performed signs and wonders on a daily basis. The glory that was Jesus' incredible ministry was shed across this northern part of the land which had suffered so often in the past.


Why did Jesus choose this area in which to minister and preach the good news? Perhaps it was because it was far from Jerusalem, and far from the interruptions of the religious elite and their Roman governors. Here he could get on with the task of preaching the Gospel and displaying the love of God without interruption.

Perhaps it was also because here were a people who were not proud, but in fact aware that they were needy, a people who were thus more open to Jesus. Jesus so often comes to the poor and needy, to those who are not full of themselves, but who recognise their need. Is that how we were? Do we realise that we are still like that as far as our personal needs are concerned and we still need Jesus light to bring us daily life?




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