Daily Thoughts : December 19th


Luke 1:38 "I am the Lord's servant," Mary answered. "May it be to me as you have said."


This verse is possibly one of the most devastating examples of total obedience and submission to the Lord! We have previously considered how this must have come completely out of the blue for Mary. God hasn't spoken for over four hundred years. A number of months earlier He spoke through His angel to Zechariah, warning about the coming of John. Now the angel comes with a second message but this one is so much more potentially upsetting. For Elizabeth to have a baby in old age was just nice. For Mary to have a baby without a man is going to create the biggest potential upsets possible. What is Joseph going to think? What will her family and friends think?


When we see it in this light, we start to realise the significance of this for Mary. If Joseph rejects her she may well be all alone throughout this confinement. Potentially this could be very difficult, yet Mary seems to not consider any of that. This is an angel from God and if this is what God says let it be!


What an incredible example she is, this young girl. No sign is given here, just the word of an angel. Could she have said no? I'm sure she could, but she didn't! Whatever the outworkings of this, she is going to trust the Lord. Something of her knowledge of the Lord or of this present experience puts her at rest in it. How about us and God?




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