Daily Thoughts : December 1st



Matt 1:1   A record of the genealogy of Jesus Christ the son of David, the son of Abraham:


You may have noted that we tend to alternate between Old and New Testaments. This month we alternate between aspects of the Christmas story and Old Testament prophecies pertaining to it. For many of us, genealogies are quite likely to be the parts of Scripture we miss, but in doing so we miss nuggets of gold (to see more of this genealogy go to the daily studies in Matthew).


What this genealogy does is link the glorious Son of God with humanity. It also links humanity with God. This family tree of Joseph goes right back through David to Abraham. Jewish chroniclers thought differently from us and so almost certainly only picked up names as links or sign-posts and didn't worry about odd ones here or there. Matthew's point is that Jesus linked himself with David and with Abraham, a king and a simple man of faith. A relationship with God comes by faith as Abraham shows us. Such a relationship is for all men, including rulers. Every man needs salvation.


Such a family tree reminds us that God comes and has dealings with individuals in time-space history. These things happened. This was the warp and woof of human life with God weaving His ways into it. Now, two thousand years ago He intervenes in the greatest way possible: He sends His Son to earth. That is the unique claim of the Christian faith. Rejoice in it!




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