Daily Thoughts : August 8th


Deut 10:5   Then I came back down the mountain and put the tablets in the ark I had made, as the LORD commanded me, and they are there now.



Some people think belief is some airy-fairy ‘feeling', that faith is a leap in the dark. It isn't! Belief and faith for Christians should be Biblically based and that means based in history. We are what we are because of what has happened in time-space history – and it goes right back to the beginning of the Old Testament!


Moses was able to speak about a personal encounter that he had had. If you had been there at that point in history, you would have seen the signs and heard that encounter with God. Moses had taken a slate tablet and seen the words appear on it and heard the voice speak them. As incredible as it was, it happened. To have arrived at that point there had been a number of equally incredible encounters with God, and in the years that followed those encounters continued. Two thousand years ago that encounter of God with man reached its peak with the coming of the Son of God himself. After he returned to heaven, the encounters continued as the life of the Holy Spirit was experienced in the Acts of the Apostles. Then, throughout the period of the history of the Church, those same encounters have continued.

Moses brought the Law from God for Israel, for guidance as to how to live as God's people. Jesus came and brought salvation and his own Spirit to indwell us to be the inner Law (Jer 31:33) and the daily guidance and power. On no, belief and faith are well founded!





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