Daily Thoughts : August 6th


Lk 3:22    the Holy Spirit descended on him in bodily form like a dove.



Jesus has just been baptised and is still in the water. As he comes up out of the water, a voice comes from heaven and something like a dove appears to come down upon him. A dove is traditionally a bird signifying peace and harmony. The voice brings words of acceptance and approval and the dove signifies the giving of tangible approval. Tangible? Well yes, for when the Holy Spirit comes upon or into someone there are tangible results.


Now for Jesus this seems strange at first sight because he is the Son of God, he is the second person of the Trinity, he is already God, so why is the Holy Spirit coming down on him? The answer is, for our benefit. Jesus modelled the Christian life. That's why he, first of all, was baptised. He didn't need cleansing of sin like the rest of mankind, because he was sinless, but he did it to show the way. In doing it he completely identified with us, revealing his humanity. The coming of the Spirit upon him was to show us what must happen to us. The Holy Spirit is the power or executive arm of the Trinity on earth. In this picture we are told that we each need the Holy Spirit. Him coming to us is what actually makes us a Christian. It is Him who transforms us and changes us into the likeness of Jesus. Without Him we cannot change. He is the One who comes and indwells us (e.g. 1 Cor 3:16) to energise us, guide and direct us, teach and train us. The Holy Spirit's presence is God in occupation to help us as close as can be!





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