Daily Thoughts : August 30th


Eph 6:23   Peace to the brothers, and love with faith from God the Father and the Lord Jesus Christ.


When Paul opens and closes his letters, he offers a blessing, which is simply his desires for his readers to be blessed by God. He knows, and we should know, that a blessing is simply a decree from heaven of goodness on our lives. When he declares it, he expects God to impart it to his readers and for them to receive it.


As he closes this letter to the Ephesians he desires peace for them and peace specifically for those men serving God there in leadership. The way he says it implies that the peace comes from him he is at peace with them, there is a unity between them all. We say that because then he speaks about love and faith from God. It's almost an awkward closing. It is almost as if he is saying, let us be at peace brothers, and I also want God to give you all love and faith. Why love and faith? Because they are probably THE two main hallmarks of Christianity.


It is all about love, God's love for us and our response of love for Him. No other world religion majors on love like this. The New Testament is full of it. Love is the thing that binds us together and the thing we express to one another and to others. Yet faith is the way we express it. Faith is the response to what God has said and faith is a practical outworking thing. You can't have faith without action. In no other religion is there such a responsiveness expected as in the Christian faith. Love with faith!





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