Daily Thoughts : August 3rd


Phil 2:3   Do nothing out of selfish ambition or vain conceit, but in humility consider others better than yourselves.



We have said recently that the Christian faith is very practical. It tells us the best way to live, the way that is in harmony with God's design for us.  This verse is about relationships. Life is about relationships, living out our lives in harmony with others.  Yes, living in harmony with our parents, our partner, people at work or school.  Harmony is a good word for it means 'agreeably with others'.  How often it is that families are in upset or dissent or stress!   What is it that causes disharmony?


Paul tells us here. It is pride and it is seen when we want our way to prevail over everyone else's way that is selfish ambition. Pride is also seen when we exalt ourselves and make ourselves out to be greater than we actually are this is vain conceit. This approach to life simply causes disharmony, upset, and dissention. No wonder so many families break up, so many people are stressed with other people. It is because they want to lord it over others.


Paul gives us the remedy: humility. Humility is seeing ourselves as we truly are. Yes, we see our good points, but we also see our weaknesses and our foibles and our failures. When we see ourselves as we truly are, we no longer try to lord it over others. Indeed Paul's suggestion is that we view others better than ourselves (they may not be), so that that acts as a deterrent to us, to kill our pride and boost our humility to ensure harmony in relationships.





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