Daily Thoughts : August 26th


2 Cor 2:8   I urge you, therefore, to reaffirm your love for him


The context of this verse is a situation that rarely is applied in modern churches. In Paul's first letter to the Corinthians he had to draw to their attention a man who had been sexually immoral and was blatant about it. Paul had instructed that this man be put out of the church so the protection of the church be withdrawn from him and he be brought to his senses and would repent. Although Paul seems to be speaking generally here, it would seem that it is likely he is speaking of this man who has come to repentance. The key issue is that when someone has repented then God wants to fully restore their relationship and that also means within the church.


When someone has fallen publicly, it is easy to feel aggrieved about them, and then later wonder about the reality of their repentance. That's why Paul needed to encourage them to take this man back into the fellowship of the church again. Yes he had been vulnerable outside the church and yes, Satan had played on him and yes, he had come to repentance but now he was a repentant sinner outside the church and still vulnerable. But now the work of conviction is complete and he needs drawing back in for his protection. Our love, support and encouragement is needed by every Christians, but especially for those who have fallen and are in the process of being restored. They especially are vulnerable to the enemy and therefore need all the love and encouragement we can give them.





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