Daily Thoughts : August 18th


Psa 105:31   He spoke, and there came swarms of flies, and gnats throughout their country.


The psalmist recollects the Exodus plagues. It is past history but it is good, no it is important, to remind ourselves of the works of God, these acts of God within history upon which our faith is build. We are a people of history, we are what we are because of what God has done.


If God hadn't drawn Israel out of Egypt and made them a nation, there wouldn't have been centuries of testimony to the works and greatness of God, and there wouldn't have been a stage for Jesus to come on. And if Jesus hadn't come and displayed the love of God and the saving work of God on the Cross outside Jerusalem, we wouldn't be who we are today. No, history involves the continuous flow of the works of God, that demonstrate His power, His righteousness and His love. We know who we follow because of what He has done. Never take that for granted.


There in Egypt had been perhaps the greatest tussle between God and a man that has ever been seen on the earth. Pharaoh had dared to stand against God, and so the Lord, little bit by little bit, had raised the pressure level against him and against his idol worshipping nation, a powerful and mighty nation. Bit by bit the plagues got worse and worse. At any point Pharaoh could have come to his senses and realises fighting God was futile. It was actually a no-contest. Pharaoh is outmatched a million times over, but didn't realise it! Let us realise it!





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