Daily Thoughts : August 15th


Rom 8:14   those who are led by the Spirit of God are sons of God.



Are we “Sons of God” so we are led by the Spirit, or are we “Sons of God” because we are led by the Spirit? Both! We are Sons of God because God has so made us, and He's done it by decreeing things about our state and then by doing things to change our state. He decrees that we are forgiven and cleansed and that we are His children, and then He places His Holy Spirit in us to change us, empower us, guide and direct us. The life that we have after we surrendered to God at our conversion, is one where we are led by God. We put ourselves into His hands for Him to lead us through the rest of our life.


But we also are led by the Spirit because we are children of God and it is the natural thing to do. Because the Spirit is now within us and He directs us, then it is the natural thing to do, to follow His direction. Yet at this point it is an act of will. We can refuse to take His leading. We may not like it when He convicts us of something we have done wrong, when He points out that we need to say sorry to Him and, even more perhaps, to someone else. As children of God we ought to respond to His prompting, but sadly sometimes we grieve Him and refuse Him. That shouldn't be.


So today, He will prompt and seek to guide us. Today we will have the choice to listen to Him and heed him – or not! Today we can know peace and joy and as just flow with Him. Let's not go the other way.





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