Daily Thoughts : April 8th


Prov 6:32   But a man who commits adultery lacks judgment; whoever does so destroys himself.


This wisdom of Solomon is a devastating indictment of life in the West in the twenty-first century. The seventh commandment clearly stated, You shall not commit adultery. (Ex 20:14). Adultery is having an illicit relationship with another person when either of you is married to another person. It is a breaking of the promises of fidelity that one or both of you made to another and it undermines that original relationship, but more than that, Solomon says it reveals something specific about the adulterer.


First he says that it reveals that this person lacks judgment. What he means is that this person makes bad choices, is not wise and doesn't think about the consequences of what they are doing. But even more than that, any act leading to adultery is an act of bad judgment. It is bad judgment because, first of all, it specifically goes against the Law of God, against the will of God. Adulterers so often try to justify their behaviour but whatever background complaints they may have about their present marriage, the act of adultery is wrong. God says it is! It is also bad judgment because it refuses to face the consequences that will certainly follow.

The consequence that Solomon suggests is perhaps not the first thing we would have thought of. We would probably think of the pain and anguish in others, the betrayed partner, the abandoned children, but Solomon doesn't focus on that; it is almost as if he appeals to the self-centredness of the adulterer when he says he destroys himself. How is that?

First of all this adulterer knows he is in the wrong watch him try to hide it! He brings guilt upon himself, even though he may try to justify it as we suggested previously. Second, because of this, he demeans himself. He can never think well of himself after this. Deep down he knows he is a betrayer of promises to a loved one. However much he tries to cover that, he knows the sort of person he really is! He's also starting a series of activities that will bring only upset, which will at least involve deception and lies. As he steps out on this course he is starting a downward, destructive course. It is a godless course and an utterly self-centred course and it will bring pain. Don't do it! Think again!


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