Daily Thoughts : April 2nd


Esther 1:12   But when the attendants delivered the king's command, Queen Vashti refused to come. Then the king became furious and burned with anger.


The Bible is an excellent record of human nature. It is full of living examples from history of things human beings have done, and some of them are things we should not follow. Yes, there are examples to follow, but there are also examples of things not to be followed. The behaviour of Queen Vashti is an example of those latter things - as is the king's response!


What was happening? The king is showing off to his male friends. He's been holding a long running banquet to show off his wealth to these male friends (I emphasise the 'male' aspect). Now he sends for the Queen to show her off like some possession. He is certainly crass in his behaviour. Male chauvinism at its worst! The Queen is rightly upset at being treated in this cavalier way and so she digs her heels in and refuses to come.

Now she may be right to feel affronted but she is very foolish to refuse the king. This is now a woman who fails to think about her situation and acts in a way that was guaranteed to cause upset. The fact was that the king was all-powerful and as much as she may not like it, he has the power over her, to call her or exile her! She may not like it but she should remember it. That would have been wisdom, but it would have needed a fair measure of humility to cope with!


If we are in situations beyond our control, wisdom dictates that we realise that and act circumspectly. As an employee we do not disdain our employer. As a child we are called to respect and honour our parents.  Perhaps the most difficult one in this modern age, is to respect and obey the government. The consequences of disobedience or rebellion in each case, to callous or even foolish behaviour by those over us, are obvious. Life has many such similar situations. Beware! Think before you speak and act.  The challenge is not to be godless. Take everything to Him on a daily basis and seek for His grace and His wisdom to handle all that comes your way today.


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