Daily Thoughts : April 11th


Mk 6:45 Immediately Jesus made his disciples get into the boat and go on ahead of him to Bethsaida , while he dismissed the crowd.


There are times, when you watch Jesus in the Gospels, when it seems there are just meaningless incidents until you start seeing the consequences that follow. They have just known the wonder of the feeding of the five thousand using only five loaves and two fishes. The disciples, human as they are, no doubt think they are wonderful having been involved in this incredible miracle (I'm only speaking from personal experience it's how we act in these sort of circumstances.) They need to be reminded of who it was that actually performed the miracle; they needed to be reminded of their own weakness. So Jesus does something apparently so innocent. He sends them off in their boat ahead of him while he dismisses the crowd. The crowd need dismissing? They want to stay with Jesus and receive more of whatever he has for them.


Anyway the disciples are in their familiar environment; a number of them are fishermen after all. After a while, out on the middle of this very large lake, the wind picks up and blows against them. The sails have to come down and they have to row and they get nowhere. It's now early morning just before daybreak and they are still going nowhere when Jesus walks by! It's like he is just strolling across the lake and he's leaving them behind, so they cry out in fear. He stops, steps into the boat and the wind drops. This is the middle of the lake and Jesus is in control. He can walk on water, the water of your impossible circumstances.

Just remember each day, that whatever the Lord asks us to do has consequences. We may not realise what they are at that moment, and the circumstances may appear trying, but realise that Jesus knows what he is doing - and it is for our benefit!


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