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Series Theme:  "Bits & Pieces"

"Bits & Pieces" - Contents

Subject Area: Misc. Teaching


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a) Short teaching:

1. The Household of God

2. Grace versus Law

3. Recognising Bad Thinking

4. Watch Out! - a story about faith

5. Life is for Living

6. Thinking about Fellowship


b) Q&A teaching:

7. Beginners' Bible Basics

8. Questions about 'Life'


c) Longer Teaching:

9. Taking Control of your Life

10. The Dynamics of Giving

11. The Christian Faith

12. Thoughts about Church Life

13. Equipped to Witness



Using the various articles you will find in the Contents list above is rather like scrabbling around in a drawer of the sideboard and finding things that have been there for years but might just be useful one of these days. Here are some odds and ends of materials which we hope someone may find useful from time to time.