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1. Introduction

2. Why Memorise

3. Going about it

4. Some verses to start














1. Introduction

2. Why Memorise

3. Going about it

4. Some verses to start


























1. Introduction

2. Detailed Consideration

3. Doing it
































1. Introduction

2. Starting

3. An Example

4. A Further Example

Title:   15. How to Memorise Scripture


A page that explains a variety of approaches to Studying the Bible





1. Introduction


This page introduces the subject of memorising Scripture, shows the value of doing it, and ways of going about doing it.

In a day when memorising things is fairly uncommon (unless you are an actor memorising a script), this practice may be quite difficult for many.




2. Why Memorise Scripture

Memorising Scripture has two particular benefits:

1. Short term

•   the actual practice of learning Scripture will bring a greater understanding to the verse or verses than casual reading brings, and the learning practice sometimes becomes akin to meditation.

2. Long term

•   once you have the Scripture in your memory, you will find that you can bring it to remembrance and apply it to your life circumstances whenever it is needful, and it thus becomes part of your armoury



3. Going about Memorising Scripture

There are 3 stages in memorising Scripture:

1. Choosing the verse

•   start small and easy

•   start with one verse that is memorable and meaningful to you

2. Repeat the verse

•    repetition is the key

•   if it's a long verse take it in parts, repeating each part out loud at least three times, adding on the next part and then repeating the whole at least three times. (seek to speak it with meaning, even dramatically)

•   come back to it later in the day and do it again. (possibly use a reminder card put somewhere where you can easily see it.)

•   say it before going to bed at night, repeat it first thing in the morning.

3. Revisit the verses

Add a verse a day but repeat all previous verses. It is probable that you will have spells when you focus on memorising Scriptures.

Some people find they have a particularly good memory and can memorise entire chapters and even books.

Other people find it more difficult and so it that is you, simply chose memorable and meaningful specific verses from around the Bible.

Do what suits you.



4. Some verses to start off

Individual verses in the Old Testament:

Psa 37:4           Proverbs 3:5           Isaiah 41:10           Eccles 9:17

Individual verses in the New Testament:

Matt 5:16   Matt 11:28    Matt 16:25   Matt 18:20   Rom 4:3  Rom 5:8   

Rom 6:23   Rom 8:1    Rom 8:28    Rom 12:2   1 Cor 10:13     2Cor 5:7      

2 Cor 12:9    Gal 5:22,23   Eph 1:4      Eph 2:10    Phil 3:14     Phil 4:6


Passages in the Old Testament:

Exo 20:1-17  (Ten Commandments)

Psalm 1

Proverbs 3:5-10

Isaiah 53:1-12

Isaiah 61:1-7

Passages in the New Testament:

Matthew 5:3-12

John 1:1-14

John 15:1-8

John 15:9-17

1 Corinthians 13


We hope you'll have a go at memorising Scripture, and see what it does for you.


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