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Chapter 1

General Introduction to these studies

Before you start reading the Notes, may we recommend the following:

1. You pause and pray and ask for God's help for the Bible to come alive to you.

2. You have your Bible open infront of you and read the passage through completely first.

3. You work your way through the questions looking for answers in your Bible.

4. Then and only then, read through the commentary.

The style and makeup of each set of individual studies - e.g. the first one immediately below - will become obvious. We have put in the verse answers to each of the 'Find Out' questions, but you will get most out of the study if you have an open Bible alongside you and you look out the verse yourself.


The primary objectives of these studies are a) to get you to read the Bible and b)  to take in what you have read. At the end of each page of studies (normally a chapter) there will be a 'Recap' to remind you of what you have read. At the end of every 'set' (see the front Contents page) there will also be a 'Summary' and a 'Conclusions' that cover the pages in that set.




Chapter: Mark 1

Passage: Mark 1:1-8