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1. How to us it

2. It's a big site

3. Why is it different

4. It's Imperfect














1. How to us it

2. It's a big site

3. Why is it different

4. It's Imperfect
























1. Introduction

2. Why Read

3. An Open Heart?

4. Critical or Questioning

5. What Version

6. Depth of Approach

7. And So





















Title:   Introduction - read this first!


A series that helps consider the foundations for faith


Welcome to this introductory page at the start of these pages about Christian Apologetics.


This series is all about 'making a defence of your faith', i.e. resource material for Christians.  I think there are one of two things you may find helpful before you really get into the site:




1. How will you use it?


Perhaps this is the first and most important question you will want to consider at the outset. There are possibly three different ways you might use the site:

1. You start from the beginning and work your way through, or

2. You choose Page topics that interest you and go to them, or

3. You go to the Questions Contents page and click on individual questions.


You may wish to start on the Prologue page, which confronts 'intellectual dishonesty'.




2. It's a Big Site


It might be worthwhile saying that, if you have not been to other parts of the site, it is fairly extensive and there are materials that run parallel to what you will find in this part and you may find help in the "Difficult Questions" section which may eventually become attached to this part. There is also similar material in the section on the Trustworthiness of the Bible.

In the meantime we intend to build out the material in this part, putting all the focus into things we hope you will find useful.




3. Why is it different from other web pages on Apologetics?


My experience in the past of roaming the web for apologetics material is that mostly there are scholarly pages with lots of words which require a lot of reading on the one topic.


This site seeks to provide a broad overview and is designed using note form to allow the student (because that is what you are) to learn lots of bits. Hopefully the material here will provoke you to go looking for more details either in books or on the web.

I come to this site as both a professional teacher and as a Pastor and therefore I desire what is here to be as accessible as possible to the average person in an average congregation. If you are researching for a degree, this is only starter material!  If you are simply a Christian desiring to improve your knowledge to be able to answer questions from friends, then I hope you will find sufficient here to help you come to a place of reasonable confidence.

I also come to this site as a Bible teacher and therefore in certain parts I unashamedly make reference to the Scriptures and hope you will become an avid reader of the Bible.

I am quite happy for you to copy the material but the general site copyright conditions apply.

Finally, it is a very basic 'no frills' site. We are not out to impress you or sell you anything. These are just resource pages to help you in your Christian walk, and they're free.




4. It's an Imperfect Site


Now this needs saying because even starting the site off has been difficult for the following reasons:


  • It's difficult to know where to draw boundaries and so for instance in the 'Thinking' section I have overcome the temptation to stray far into the philosophy realm.


  •   It's difficult to know exactly how deep to go, and so I have sought to aim for a mid-level which will be more than enough for some and yet inadequate for others. For instance, in the section on the background of the Old and New Testaments, I have felt incredibly limited, having decided to provide a simple, basic introduction only. I have made reference to excellent books that are available and recommend further research using these.
We hope you will find the material in this series helpful.
You may wish to start on the Prologue page, which confronts 'intellectual dishonesty'


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