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Title:   8. Questions about 'The Crusading Atheists'

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A series that helps consider the foundations for faith

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We're sorry, the title may be misleading. We aren't covering questions about the atheists as such. Elsewhere on this site we have placed what is the equivalent of a small book as an answer to Richard Dawkins' notorious book, The God Delusion, and another one as an answer to Christopher Hitchens book God is not Great.

We would just like to link you to our response to those books which are being used as part of the war against Christians. Many have been almost overwhelmed by the media publicity that Dawkins and Hitchens have received, and have assumed that the books really does undermine the Christian faith. They don't - unless you uncritically believe all that they say!

We have painstakingly worked our way through both books and have produced the assessments you will find by clicking on the links below. Christians have little to worry about with them, unless their faith is weak and little founded on Scripture. (The challenge is for your faith to be built up!) We hope you will find the responses helpful, either for yourself or a friend who has read either book


Link to response to The God Delusion

Link to response to God is not Great