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Series Theme:  Looking at Preaching Afresh

Preaching Afresh - Contents.

Subject Area: Further thoughts on Preaching in the Church    

1. Introduction

- check notes for preachers


1A. Introduction


2. Secure in Ministry - Preaching

- thinking of preaching in the context of security.


2A. Secure in Ministry - Preaching


3. Preaching on Judgment

- thinking of the Biblical principles of preaching on the subject of God's judgments


3A. Preaching on Judgment


4. Preaching involving Interpretation of Prophecy

- assessing wise use of prophetic scriptures and dangers therein


4A. Preaching involving Interpretation of Prophecy


5. Interpreting Scriptures

- Additional Helps: basic rules of interpretation to help preachers and teachers  


NB. There is no abbreviated version of this page. You need all this.

6. Distinguishing between Old & New Testaments

- Understanding the NT uniqueness



7. Teaching Godliness or Self-Help Legalism

- understanding the NT life in the Spirit


8. Preaching on the Second Coming

- awareness of pitfalls



9. Countering the 'Hard Man' Syndrome

- how we view God